Welcome to MiniDebConf TamilNadu, India

28-29 January 2023

Official Logo of MiniDebConf 2023, TamilNadu, India

India is hosting the Annual Debian Conference in 2023. As a pre-event, the Debian India community, combined with the VGLUG Foundation team, is hosting a MiniDebConf at the University College of Engineering, Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, India, on 28th and 29th January 2023. MiniDebConf Tamil Nadu 2023 is a smaller version of the Debian Conference which focuses on Debian as a Free and Open Source Software by conducting talks and workshops. The conference will provide a platform for advances in Debian and various Free Software projects.


Event day - Group photo

Official Logo of MiniDebConf 2023, TamilNadu, India

We invite you to join us and support this event!

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