from django import magic: How wafer makes debconfs sweet

Speakers: Kannan V M & Ambady Anand S

Track: English

Type: Workshop

Room: Avvai Hall (Mini Hall)

Time: Jan 28 (Sat): 12:05

Duration: 1:20

Websites for DebConfs and MiniDebConfs are managed using Wafer, a Django based web app. In this workshop/talk we are introducing Django web framework and structure of a Django project. We are exploring Django Wafer, a minimal conference management application and how it powers Debian conferences and MiniDebconfs.

We are web developers by profession. We will also be sharing our stories and experiences with Django, how we made MVPs in a matter of hours when the deadlines were short.

Purpose of this talk is to invite and prepare volunteers for the web team of DebConf23 in Kochi, India.