Dockerizing your React Apps to set up development or production environments

Speaker: Raju Devidas

Track: English

Type: Workshop

Room: Valluvar Hall (Main Conference Hall)

Time: Jan 29 (Sun): 14:15

Duration: 1:00

Are you a web developer? doing web development in React or some JS framework, or maybe a system administrator or DevOps Engineer looking to setup consistent development or production deployment environments for your web app.

In this workshop we will create a basic React app and will create a consistent development and deployment environments for the web app using Docker.

It will be a hands-on workshop. We will be covering, basic docker based development, and we will be learning some server deployment strategies using tools like docker-compose, nginx.

Expected Duration: 90-120 min

Level: Intermediate


  • Familiarity with shell

  • Basic familiarity with Docker