Introduction to Self Hosting with Debian.

Speaker: Raju Devidas

Track: English

Type: Workshop

Room: Valluvar Hall (Main Conference Hall)

Time: Jan 29 (Sun): 10:00

Duration: 1:15

Ever wondered create your own cloud sync service, or an online photos sync gallery app, or maybe your own chat server, or your very own online office? There are many services that you can self host for your use or you can open them for use by everyone else.

This workshop will get you started with the basics of Self hosting on your machine or on a cloud server (someone else’s computer). We will be learning: - basics installing apps/services on a server - Installations on the host as well as using tools like Docker etc. - Configuring a web server (Apache/Nginx etc). - Securing your sites with SSL certificates.

Most of what you’ll learn in this workshop will set you up doing basic System Administration.

Workshop Duration: 90 - 120 Minutes

Pre-requisites : Familiarity with command line

Level: Beginner to Intermediate