Reasons why I love to use Debian KDE

Speaker: Deepika K

Track: English

Type: Talk

Room: Aaron Swartz Memorial hall

Time: Jan 28 (Sat): 12:40

Duration: 0:50


  • Setting up Debian KDE as a beginner is a challenge
  • Making the UI comfortable to work with
  • When you choose a specific OS and people around work on other OSs
  • What happens when a Woman uses Debian KDE and the Men around you don’t


  • Customization
  • User Experience
  • K Software (Konsole, Kate, Krunner, Kdenlive…)
  • Flexibility
  • Widgets
  • Many Desktops
  • Powerful
  • App Integration
  • Freedom


  • Helping students to set up their own Debian KDE Desktops
  • Working on Debian KDE makes it easier to explore other Debian-based Operating Systems
  • More I use KDE, the more I know how to do, and the more I will find to do
  • Settling for what I love which is, of course, Debian KDE