Let’s Decode the Art of Contributing the Non-Code Way

Speaker: Parth Goswami

Track: English

Type: Long talk

Room: Kabilar Hall

Time: Jan 29 (Sun): 12:30

Duration: 0:45

Coding is often considered as a conventional way of contributing to a project. Non-code contribution is as valuable to the health of a project as writing code. We have many diverse contributors in open source that help upstream communities in unconventional ways, which doesn’t require any coding or development skills. Starting with a non-code contribution can help anyone overcome the sense of failure and not being good enough, and it can also serve as a springboard for our open source adventure.

As a solution to this challenge, we came up with an initiative, an interview series titled ‘UncoventionalContributors’, which is aimed to highlight some non-code open source contributions that anyone can make right now to get started contributing. The forum is designed for aspiring and emerging contributors to get involved with open source communities.

Key takeaways from this session would be: - What are non-code contributions? - Are non-code contributions of value? - What are non-code ways to contribute to open source? - What are some open source projects for absolute beginners? - Our journey of coming up with a community platform featuring interview series.

Our audience will be students as well as budding contributors who are just starting out on their journey with FOSS communities.