IoT Implementation using Contiki OS - Tamil

Speaker: ramprakashs

Track: Tamil

Type: Demo

Room: Kabilar Hall

Time: Jan 29 (Sun): 10:00

Duration: 0:45

In the modern ira Internet of Things plays a vital role. From the Agriculture industry to Healthcare industry all the things are connected with an internet.In the next 5 decades the implementation of IoT is essential.Moreover the IoT implementation with the Free Open Source Operating Systems are called Contiki OS part i svery very important now a days. Contiki OS deployed in ubuntu operating systems with sensor nodes are connected to make the simulation with easier and flexible way to operate.Though the Contiki code was written in C++, so everyone can update their code and have to create their IOT implementations in easy manner.By using Contiki os (FOSS) we can deploy more IoT platforms in anything related to all the functional areas.,

Audience : All FOSS lovers #IoT # FOSS # COntiki OS