Introduction to Community Owned Wireless Mesh Networks (COWMesh) - Tamil

Speaker: Ramaseshan S

Track: Tamil

Type: Workshop

Room: Valluvar Hall (Main Conference Hall)

Time: Jan 29 (Sun): 11:50

Duration: 1:15

COWMesh (Community Owned Wireless Mesh) Network is a WiFi mesh allowing communities to take ownership of local communication, thereby reducing the cost of access to information and communication. In this talk, we will understand and explore what is a WiFi mesh, learn how to setup a simple local service and how to enable access. We will also further discuss challenges in establishing such a network, the more interesting problems, the fun activities you can do with such a network.

We will start this session with the most important questions like 1. We are all internet enabled, why are we talking technolgy decentralization ? 2. There is a mobile app for it, why should I host my own ? 3. Can I really run my own services ? Is it even possible ? 4. Why should a community own a network ? We all have internet ?

We will also discuss potential avenues where such network will have a strong impact and how it will enable socio/economic marginalized communities not only the right to a access but also ownership.

This session will be a mix of understand varous types of communities, break our stereotypes of people and possibly help you understand and embrace the idea of “technology decentralization” or COWMesh.